Retail :

Retailers are fast adopting technology for expanding delivery channels, achieving better operational efficiencies and using customer data from various points of contact to optimize their supply chains. Competitive pressures, globalization and the need for rapid deployment of technology have been the driving force for retailers seeking business partnerships in the areas of information technology outsourcing and joint product development.

Yaksha Informatics has an established retail practice, having empowered large retailers and distribution companies to drive revenue upwards, reduce costs, improve margins, and maximize capital efficiency, throughout the world.

The company provides a range of innovative business and technology consulting services to strategize, define, and deliver solutions to meet specific business challenges.

Addressing the retailer's challenges - increased customer expectations, competitive marketplace, supply chain complexities, globalization and the evolving technology landscape – Yaksha Informatics offers solutions in:

Global data synchronization

Supply chain management

Marketing and customer support
Inventory management
Enterprise management